Jamie Farmer is a professional actress with international, national, regional, and Nashville credits. She was the youngest person ever accepted to attend the National Shakespeare Conservatory in New York City, as well as the only individual selected to attend without first having attained a college degree. She was also the youngest actress accepted to Michael Howard’s Master Class at the Michael Howard Studios. And she was one of 28 individuals selected (out of over 2000 who applied and 300 who were allowed to audition) by the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London, England for the Acting Shakespeare program.

Jamie has lived and worked in both New York City and Los Angeles, CA. She was a founding member of the Acting Company at the New Heritage Theatre Company, a regional theatre in Boise, ID, where she taught and performed for over five years. Currently, she is based near Nashville, TN, where she has worked extensively.

Jamie is a schooled and experienced Shakespearean actress, as well as a lyric soprano with significant training and skills as a musical theatre performer. She also has a myriad of regional and national credits in both classical and modern comedies and dramas. She is trained in aerial harness and wire flight and was flown extensively during her two productions as Charlotte in Scot Copeland’s “Charlotte’s Web” for the Nashville Children’s Theatre.